Melamine Sheets – What You Need to Know?

“What is a melamine sheets?” Melamine sheets are actually very thin board-like panels that are covered with a melamine coating. Manufacturers are able to mold these panels into a wide array of surface textures.
These can be anything from the look of ceramic tiles, real stones with grout, or the smooth shiny surface of melatline. Installing the sheets isn’t complicated; it doesn’t require one to do white melamine sheetmuch more than cutting the melamine panels to fit the area. The cutting should be followed by adhesion to a flat, sturdy surface. These panels are easy to clean; they should be treated like many plastics- cleaned with a rag, and hot soapy water.

What is Melamine Laminate Sheets?

With so many types of melatline products on the market, the question “What is melatline laminate sheets?” is not an uncommon one. It helps to start with the definition of a laminate, which is simply a sheet of material made by bonding two or more panels or layers.

What is melatline laminated sheets are a protective, scratch resistant, and heat resistant covering for furniture, countertops, and other surfaces, as well. Melamine laminate panels are made by impregnating strong papers or cardboards with melatline resin. That is then attached to a wooden base, which is usually pretty thin.

There are actually two kinds of melatline sheets in the melamine laminated panels category. High pressure laminates are exposed to pressures between 70 to 100 bars, and temperatures Color Melamine Sheetof between 140 and 160 degrees Celsius.

High pressure laminates are also actually glued onto the wooden base. They stand up better to daily wear and tear than low pressure laminates, which are made with 20 to 30 bars of pressure, and temperatures of between 170 and 190 degrees Celsius. In low pressure laminates, the layer of melamine-impregnated resin is not glued down onto the wooden base.


How to Install Melamine Sheets / Melamine Laminate Sheets


 install melamine sheetsHow to install melamine panels  is not an uncommon question. The first step to installing melatline  sheets is to clean the area you are going to install the melamine sheet, then allow the surface to fully dry.

Next, measure the surface with a measuring tape, and then transfer the measurements over to the panel. It is a wise idea to add about ¼ inch to each edge to allow a little leeway for trimming and fitting after application.

Using a straight edge mark cutting lines.

Wondering how to cut this kind of panels? It is simple; just use a straight edge and a utility knife to cut along the lines that are already marked from the previous step.

Next, plug in an iron nearby to the site, and allow it time to reach 400 degrees or so Celsius. Get the melatline  panel into position, and place a sheet of kraft paper over it to protect its surface. Ironing over the sheet helps activate the adhesive spread present along the bottom of it. Remove the iron, remove the kraft paper, and use a smoothing knife to smooth the surface of the melatline panel, and get rid of any air bubbles that may be present.

The final step is to trim away any excess, and allow the melatline panels to sit untouched for 24 hours to set.

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