Melamine Foam Facts

Melamine foam is a soft material with a foam-like texture that is made out of a formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfate copolymer. In simpler words, it is a thermosetting material made with the same melatline resin that can be found in boards and dishware.

It is used in a variety of ways–building, acoustics, transportation, insulation, and the commodity chemistry industry, to name a few-because of its numerous beneficial properties. varios melamine foamMelatline foam is flame retardant, sound absorbent, heating and insulating, and heat resistant. Melamine scum is often mixed with other materials to create various products, such as insulation materials, and magic erasers.


Melamine Foam Insulation


67How does it work as insulation? Because the grid structure of foam inhibits the convection and heat transfer of air, it is excellently suited to being used in melamine scum insulation products. In addition, it can bear temperatures of -180 degrees Celsius up to 200 degrees Celsius.

For short periods of time, melatline foam can remain stable in temperatures of 240 degrees Celsius. These characteristics make it  incredibly suited to becoming scum insulation. Scum insulation is sold by a variety of retailers for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning duct lining. It is suitable to being vacuum formed, cut, coated, and waterproofed, if necessary.


Melamine Acoustic Foam


yellow melamine foamHow does melatline foam work for better acoustics? Melamine acoustic scum has a structure with a high opening rate. This allows sound waves to travel deeply into the melatline acoustic foam. Once there, the sound waves simply vibrate the three dimensional grid structure of the substance. This all can sound a bit confusing. It can also keep sound waves from reflecting and causing displeasing echoes.

It  is sold by a variety of retailers, and it is commonly used in the automotive, aviation, nautical, and building industries to minimize excess noise. Enclosures can actually be lined with melamine acoustic foam to encapsulate all noise sources. Like melatline foam insulation, melamine acoustic scum is easily shaped and sized to fit whatever project it is necessary for.


Melamine Foam Eraser


69There a number of products on the cleaning market now that claim to “magically” erase tough stains. The truth is, they erase the stains with melatline foam. It requires only water to clean effectively and safely. This is because of the microstructure of melamine resin that has hardened into  scum is almost as hard as glass, and it performs on stains almost like very fine sand paper would.

Another property of melatline scum erasers that makes them so great for cleaning is that the microstructure of melatline sponge is also open and ridden with cavities. These tiny holes give dirt a place to go and stay. Products such as the “Magic Eraser” and “Easy Erasing Pads” commonly found on grocery store cleaning isles have revolutionized cleaning with melamine scum rubbers.


Is Melamine Foam Biodegradable? Dangerous?


  • P&G has stated that there are no ingredients in melatline scum rubbers that are subject to any North American or European Union health labeling laws. While they are not biodegradable, they are safe to use, and are considered by many as a better alternative than full-on spray chemical cleaners.

Is melamine scum biodegradable if it is the form of foam insulation? No, no melatline scum products are biodegradable?” Many people wonder, “Is it dangerous?” However, it is indeed safe. It has been used for over 20 years to insulate pipes and ductwork. It is ideal for things such as the seal on self-cleaning ovens because it stands up so well to extreme heat.

Melamine acoustic foams are also not biodegradable, but they are safe. They are ideal for soundproofing studios, sound stages, and auditoriums. They are not only safe to be around, but safe to use in buildings for these types of projects because they do not pose a fire hazard thanks to their low smoke and flame properties.


How much does Melamine Foam Cost?


The cost of melatline scum varies depending on the type of melamine product one is purchasing. Foam erasers /cleaning supplies typically are sold in packages of four70 or eight that cost between around six to eight dollars. How much does scum cost if it is being used for insulation?

Melatline froth insulation costs vary depending on the retailer, but they are usually not as high as comparable materials for similar projects. The same goes or melatline acoustic scum.

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  1. I am looking for an easy to manipulate material to build a model of a California mission. Can I use foam erasers as a building material? What is the best way to color/paint the foam and what can I use to glue them together?

    • You can use 100% silicone as an adhesive. Most spray paint works great. water based latex will migrate through the pours of the material, is difficult to apply and leaves the material very wet for days. Stay away from water based paints. Test any paint in a small area to determine compatibility.

  2. I wonder if there are melamine foams with different number of pores per inch.
    I believe the foam is open cell, right? I’m interested in a pad having enough pores that it would filter liquid over a thickness of 1/2″ to 1″; flow is not very high, but point concentrated so it has to pass through easily. I’m looking at minimum width and length of 8″, but length could be many feet if available in roll form.

  3. Hi
    I am a student in master level.
    I am working on melamine foam in Amirkabir university.
    I have problem in structure of melamine foam.
    the built foam is so rigid. my professor has problem with this structure and saya ‘the melamine foam should be soft’.
    is it possible help me?
    Shiva khodayari

  4. I have read through all the wonderful properties of the Melamine foam.

    Would like to know further on the following 2 items which may effect the use on my design of products for my customer.

    1) Does it has Silicon Content. I believe the hydrophobic types has it. Or do you have any range that does not contain silicone?

    2) Out gassing. Does it out-gas? And if it does, what are the gasses?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Vincent kOk
    GM FFR Division

  5. TECHLITE, the company I work for sells various grades of melamine foam used for Acoustical and Thermal applications. If your looking to purchase this material or need pricing please go to for more information and contact information.

  6. Where can I buy the melamine foam for use of cleaning like the magic erasers at a bigger size (sheet) that I can just cut myself? How much would it be? You’d think that it would be more economical to buy this in a sheet size. Someone told me that this is used as an instillation.

    • Hi,we are a melamine foam manufacture in China, Chengdu. If you want to buy the sheet, please email me. We can provide customize service.
      If you need samples, we can provide free ones for you.

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