Melamine Bowls – Fantastic Addition to The Kitchen

Melamine bowls are well known for their durability, and bright, fun colors. Melatline mixing bowls are a favorite for how durable they are. Melamine serving dishwares are beloved for the way they brighten up a table’s setting.  Dishes with lids easily go from bright serving dishes, to keeping leftovers fresh in the refrigerator. Melatline cereal bowls work very well for mothers to feed small children, because they are a small size, and almost unbreakable.

Are Melamine Bowls Heatproof?


color melamine bowlsWith the world so focused on convenience, and so dependent upon quick fixes, such as microwaves, the question arises- Are melatline dishes heatproof ? Melatline bowls are both fire resistant and heat resistant.

They will not char, melt, or catch fire if they are heated. However, too much heat can cause the compounds used in making  bowls to break down into their original chemicals, which can then leach into foods. If these chemicals are ingested, they can cause serious renal issues.

If melamine dinnerwares are exposed to enough heat, they can chip, or bubble, as their structure becomes unstable. The amount of heat melatline basins are exposed to, and the small amount of chemical leaching that may occur while serving warm food, according to the Food and Drug Administration, is not cause for serious concern about one’s health.

However, melatline bowls should never be boiled, washed in extremely hot water, used to serve steaming hot or acidic foods, or used in the microwave.


Are Melamine Dishes Breakable?


cleaning melamine bowlsDinnerwares are prized for their durable nature, but are they breakable? Melatline dishware rarely break from a simple bang on the table, in the sink, or getting dropped on the floor. That is why they have long been a top choice for children’s dinnerware in the past.

However, if melamine dinnerwares are regularly exposed to higher heat than what is recommended in the FDA’s safety regulations, and that exposure is combined with repetitive and unnecessarily rough use, it is possible for melatline dinnerware to break.


Are Melamine Dishes BPA Free?


BPA has been a major concern to parents because of recent health scares in the news. The best bet for being sure to purchase dishes that are, in fact, BPA free is to check the packaging and labeling they come in. However, melatline does not/has never had BPA as an ingredient, so that is one less worry for picky parents.

However, other concerns about melatline from melamine dinnerware for kids leaching into food have arisen in the news. For this reason, some still do not consider are melatline dishware BPA free or not to be suitable for children’s dinnerware.


In Conclusion


Melamine mixing dish sets, melatline  serving dinnerwares, melatline bowls with lids, and melamine dishwares for kids can all be really fantastic additions to the kitchen if one is looking for durability, bright colors, and a product that will last a long time. After all, many melatline dishes have been around since the 1940’s, when they first became popular.


one should always follow safety precautions set forth by the FDA for melamine bowls to enjoy them properly and without taking unnecessary health risks

3 thoughts on “Melamine Bowls – Fantastic Addition to The Kitchen”

  1. i purchased a ten piece bowl set and right out of the box, the lids do not fit the bowls. whats going on here?

  2. Not a reply but a QUESTION:
    I recently bought a 12″ melamine bowl for serving salad. It came with a MATTE finish and, to my disappointment, plastic food wrap like Stretch Tight WILL NOT stick to it. Does anyone know if plastic wrap will cling to SHINY FINISH melamine?

  3. There are many safety issues concerning melamine bowl sets. I would not use broken or damaged plates/bowls ever. Also be careful when using in a dishwasher or microwave. Keep your family safe!

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