Melamine Board – Full Buyers Reviews

Melamine boards is used all over the country for inexpensive, yet attractive, furniture, shelving, and cabinetry. You may be wondering, “What kind of board is it, and how is it made?” It is created by using melatline resin, a mixture of melamine and formaldehyde, to laminate decorative paper onto the surface of a board. Boards such as chipboard, plywood, and block plank are the most common.cuting melamine board

The hard coating created on the surface of plank by the hardened resin makes it durable,cold resistant, insect resistant, and even heat resistant, to a point. What is board ‘s most commonly stated “pro”? It is extremely inexpensive compared to other types of sheets typically used for the same kinds of projects. Such kind of  sheets also does not require any extra “finishing” work, such as sanding or staining, because the surface of the planks is already smooth and decorative.

Types of Melamine Board


white melamine boardOne of the most commonly used kinds of melatline sheet is  particle plank. Melatline particle plank is made out of paper, which is then impregnated with glue. Then, everything is pressed tightly together.

The surface of the plank, like all melamine sheets, can be decorative or plan and is made by laminating decorative paper onto the surface of the particle sheet with melatline resin. The surface of  it is smooth, non-porous, and discoloration resistant. It is most commonly used for the interior of cabinets, but it is also used for underlayment, and many kinds of furniture. It tends to be very heavy, and very slippery. It is recommended to wear gloves while handling it.

Another kind of melatline plank is melamine shelf sheet. It is made similarly to other melatline planks. While melatline shelf board, is extremely inexpensive compared to other woods, it can be very heavy, which isn’t always good for some shelving structures. Because of its weight, it also is best for short, or skinny shelves, instead of long, wide ones.

Shelves build out of melatline shelf plank will easily wipe clean with a damp cloth, and will be extremely durable. Like all other melatline sheets, it comes in a wide variety of patterns and colors, and even some slight textures.

paint melamine boardMany consumers ask the question, “Can melatline be used as a dry erase board?” The answer is yes, and no. Melamine dry erase sheet exists on the market, and consists of a hardboard substrate with a melatline writing surface. What makes dry erase board different from regular melamine plank is that the melatline surface on  dry erase board is clear coated.

The clear coating is what makes the plank suitable for dry erase, and that is why regular melamine sheet cannot be used as a dry erase board. Dry erase board is less expensive than porcelain-on-steel boards, but is not as well suited to heavy duty use. Many people also ask, “Are melatline sheets magnetic?” The answer to that question is no, as well. Melamine planks consist of wood, paper, and resin; there is typically no metal in melatline sheets or  dry erase boards.


How to Cut Melamine Board


The dilemma of how to cut melamine sheet can be difficult because the melamine surface is very prone to chipping. A freshly sharpened blade is essential for cutting melatline board without chips. Cutting the board slowly minimizes chips, as well. Reverse-Rake blades are specially designed blades to make clean cuts to both sides of a  plank at once.

However, reverse-rake blades can be extremely expensive. Another solution for the “how to cut melamine plank” dilemma many face is to just allow a professional in the area to do the cutting, for a small fee. No matter what approach is taken to the “how to cut melamine sheet “issue, it is extremely important to follow safety procedures such as wearing safety goggles, protective gloves, and a dust mask.


How to Paint Melamine Board


76It is not actually necessary to paint melatline sheet, as the surface of board is already smooth, shiny, and decorative to begin with. However, some people still long to make it a different color, and “ how to paint melamine plank “ is not an uncommon predicament. Because the surface of melatline sheets  is so smooth, it’s important to sand the board with 120- or 180- grit sandpaper. Washing the sheet with trisodium phosphate, or an equivalent of it, will serve to further roughen the surface of the melamine board, and to clean away any excess grease or dust present.

A high-adhesion primer will help paint to stick to the board; it should be applied in one thin coat all over the plank. Melamine paint should also be applied thinly, in three coats, and allowed to dry thoroughly between each coat. The melatline sheet  should be allowed to cure fully before being used in any project. Curing times should be listed on back of the paint can.